A Picture Does Speak a Thousand Words!

If you're anything like me, you love to spend hours drooling over decor magazines and trolling design blogs. I just can't get enough eye candy! I am fueled daily by the hope of discovering the next fresh design idea or beautiful furnishing.

My endless clipping and downloading of photos is not only for inspiration but a valuable tool when working with my clients. When suggesting a window treatment or room layout to a client, a photograph of a similar design serves as an invaluable visual reference.

Photos are such an indispensible tool during a consultation that I not only bring my own but I also recommend that all my clients take the time to flip through a few magazines or books and pull out anything that appeals to them before an initial consultation. It can be the whole room or just a wood grain, a carpet design, a piece of artwork or a color scheme that catches their eye.

Looking at decor magazines and interior design books will assist clients to further develop a sense of their preferred style and is also a great way to make the design process less intimidating. Armed with photos, a client can more confident in expressing their preferences to a designer, especially if they have had no previous design experience.

photo credit http://ingridabramovitch.com/  photo credit Lonny magazine